Illinois traffic laws are designed to minimize offenses and protect the general public. In the interest of safety, Illinois employs a severe series of penalties for drivers with repeated traffic offenses. In certain cases, multiple traffic tickets can lead to suspension or even revocation of driving privileges. Every time a person receives a ticket for a […]

Comparing Formal and Informal Hearings in Illinois

by Sami Azhari on December 30, 2017

People in Illinois can have suspensions and revocations on their licenses. A driver can get suspended or revoked for a variety of reasons, such as accumulating traffic convictions, a DUI conviction, or other specific traffic offenses that can lead to such a penalty on their own. This article explores the differences between informal and formal […]

Man in car speeding

Overview of Speeding Tickets in Illinois

by Sami Azhari on February 27, 2016

Even though a new Illinois law, effective January 1, 2016, will now provide protections to first time aggravated speeding offenders, punishments for driving over the speed limit may still carry harsh sentences and require the assistance of effective, experienced legal counsel. Illinois law has been historically unforgiving when it comes to speeding offenses. While most […]

Four-Time DUI Offenders Have Hope for License in Illinois

by Sami Azhari on February 27, 2016

Most people with multiple drunk driving offenses do not assume they will be (legally) behind the wheel for quite a while following their arrest. Illinois has strict mandatory driver’s license suspension laws that make it difficult for even first time offenders to start driving again. For those with more than two or three convictions, they […]

Driving With a Suspended/Revoked License in Illinois

by Sami Azhari on February 25, 2016

DWLS and DWLR in Illinois 2016

Many people face the inconvenience of losing their license for a period in their lifetime. Whether it be due to drug or alcohol offense, an accumulation of speeding tickets, or reckless driving charges, license suspension is almost a given in each circumstance. Often, individuals are eligible to lawfully re-instate their license after a period of […]

First Time DUI in Illinois

by Sami Azhari on February 25, 2016

You are heading home from having a couple drinks with friends . . . and you see flashing lights behind you. You have been drinking and driving, and for the first time in your life, you are about to get caught. Many of us know someone that has been arrested for drunk driving, but few […]

Medical marijuana and Illinois DUI: how the laws interact

by Sami Azhari on November 23, 2014

It has long been Illinois policy that any amount of cannabis in the blood or urine of a driver can be the basis for a DUI charge. As of January 2014, Illinois updated the DUI laws in response to its new medical marijuana law. Under the new law, a qualifying patient under the Medical Cannabis Pilot […]

The nation’s highest court gave police broad powers to stop vehicles based on anonymous tips in a recent opinion. In the Navarette v. California case, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the police can pull over a vehicle based on an anonymous tip that the driver is intoxicated without observing any traffic violations themselves, […]

Drive too fast and you might go to jail. No, seriously. And if you have been pulled over for speeding by a State Trooper, you may have been told the same thing. Under a new law in Illinois, speeding 35 MPH over the posted limit is a Class A misdemeanor. Prior to 2014, a motorist […]

The Illinois legislature changed a section in the Vehicle Code in 2014, establishing severe penalties for driving with a suspended or revoked license. Driving while license suspended, 625 ILCS 5/6-303(a), is in most situations a Class A misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for such an offense is up to one year in jail (364 days). But […]