Illinois police increase roadside safety checks for Labor Day weekend 2012

by Sami Azhari on August 30, 2012

DUI Arrests August-September 2012

State and local law enforcement agencies are increasing the number of DUI checkpoints Labor Day weekend.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the Illinois State Police and nearly 350 local law enforcement agencies today are gearing up to increase patrol activities for Labor Day weekend in order to make Illinois roadways safer for the heavily traveled holiday. As part of the two-week mobilization continuing through Sept. 3, police have been cracking down on impaired driving and seat belt law violations by conducting over 200 roadside safety checks and hundreds of additional impaired driving and seat belt saturation patrols.

The law allows the police to stop drivers randomly if the reason is related to safety. Hence, the police can set up roadside safety checks to determine if motorists are wearing seat belts, and whether they may be impaired. Nonetheless, the legality of a safety check can be tested in court if it resulted in a DUI arrest.

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